British aid should not be cut to North Korea – Lord Alton

Lord Alton says opposes 'food as a weapon of war'
October 9th, 2013

LONDON – The Chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on North Korea rejected the possibility of cutting British aid to the DPRK at a meeting in the House of Lords on Tuesday morning.

Despite a North Korean defector’s suggestion that aid helped the regime survive the famine in the 1990s, Lord Alton of Liverpool told

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Oliver Hotham

Oliver Hotham is an NK News contributor based in London. He has previously worked at the Sunday Times and

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  • Mark

    I respect Lord Atons views but I disagree with them. Foal Eagle is necesary, the excercises don’t only serve to show eqquipment but are MAINLY used to train men who are enroled (conscripted) on the SK side on how to repell and NK attack.
    Some may claim this is not necesarry, NK si not a threat etceterum. To them I say, the ROK AND US got caught with theyr pants down once, they won’t allow it to happen twice and specially not when SK is now economicly significant to the world.

  • Mark

    transcending politics race and culture………

    • Mark


      • Mark

        How about transcending facts?

        Most of the aid goes to feed the elite or goes to the markets. Not a single grain goes to the people you lot seem to think is going to. I.e the starving children etc.

        It has become ignorant and arrogant of us westeners to assume we can solve the ils (no pun intended) of the world with money and good will.