Juche 2.0: How North Korea Uses The Web To Promote Its Ideology

Online games, websites and business portals all help define importance of Unification to Koreans at home and abroad
April 2nd, 2013

What are North Korea’s most treasured ideological values? How does the country manage to preserve them while simultaneously maintaining the idea of being the ‘better Korea’ among Korean communities in neighboring countries? And how does the North compare with the South in terms of its government produced online content? With Juche 2.0,

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Gianluca Spezza

Gianluca is the research director of NK News. He focuses his research on North Korean society, the role of education in the DPRK, gender issues in North Korea and North Korean ideology. He holds a Master in Humanities from the University of Torino (Italy) and a M.Soc.Sc. in Asian Studies from the University of Turku, Finland. He worked in East Asia (including South Korea) as an education consultant for five years. Mail: [email protected] Follow: @KazakhPilot

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