South Korea Promises ‘Punishment’ in Response to North Korean Threats

'Defensive' military drills by North and South Korea prompts harsh rhetoric from Seoul and Pyongyang
March 6th, 2013

SEOUL – North Korean military drills organized in response to South Korean military exercises has lead the South Korean military to warn of a ‘strong’ punishment towards North Korea should a recent string of strongly-worded threats from Pyongyang propaganda outlets manifest as an attack, Yonhap news reported in Seoul.

The U.S. and South Korean militaries are currently engaged in a month-long joint exercise, ‘Foal Eagle’, to which the North responded by launching its own submarine exercises, and by issuing a threat to scrap the armistice agreement that has functioned as a de facto peace treaty between the two Koreas since the end of the Korean war in the 1950s.

Both North and South Korea have described their military exercises as ‘defensive’.

The U.S. has promised the ‘toughest sanctions yet’ on North Korea, following a nuclear test last month, that would target North Korean diplomats. “These sanctions will significantly impede North Korea’s ability to develop its nuclear and ballistic missile programs”, U.S. UN ambassador Susan Rice said.

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