Is An American Defector Tweeting From Pyongyang?

February 8th, 2013

A Twitter account purporting to belong to an American man who defected to North Korea after the Korean War is publishing tweets from Pyongyang. Anecdotal evidence indicates the account could be real, but little more is known regarding its authenticity.

James (Joe) Dresnok is the only remaining American defector left in North Korea, leaving his

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  • Rex

    I don’t think you know the nature of how he got in the Army. You don’t know if he was drafted. He may have been born in the US but that doesn’t mean he should give his life for it. His Commanding Officer could have been a terrible human being that should be the one executed. You have no idea. He didn’t leave any one to die. He didn’t kill anyone from our Military. He didn’t join the ranks of their Military. He did nothing to you or anyone else but try and save his own skin. God freakin forbid it. You are a pretty shitty person to say what you did. No one deserves to die for it. I think it’s time you reflect on your own life and what you think you believe. Because I can assure you that attitude won’t make you happy in life, and it sure as hell won’t get you anywhere good in death.

  • Scott McIntosh
  • Scott McIntosh

    The DPRK is “providing” all the housing, food and money for this worthless piece of trash as millions are starving and dying. He is NO American.