Meet The Man Who Lived And Worked In North Korea For Seven Years

Felix Abt Reckon North Korea's Open For Business
January 16th, 2013

Swiss born Felix Abt recently wrote a book on North Korea that aims to challenges many of the North Korea stereotypes commonly held by Western media. Having spent seven years living and working in Pyongyang as a foreign businessman, Abt’s biography looks at the nuances of North Korean life and their desires to connect with

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About the Author

Chad O'Carroll

Chad O'Carroll has written on North Korea since 2010 and writes between London and Seoul.

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  • AbtToPleaseNK

    The North Koreans have it sooo well that they don’t need foreign food aid…. Oh wait…

  • EvoQY

    Do NOT compare the average North Korean person with their leadership. Every Single Boycott and Blockade every erected only served to hurt the people and did very little to affect the Government. Ultimately never in history has Ban on trade or other Boycott come to change the intended Government. As an Example of back when we did this same thing to Saddam Hussein Iraq. The USA Sanctions boycotting and banning trade with Iraq killed over 500,00 Innocent Children. read that slowly 500,000 Children, that’s 1/2 Million Innocent Children died because of these idiotic sanctions. Did Saddam’s Government Fall ? No it did not. We have been Sanctioning North Korea for decades now, guess at how many Innocent Children and Innocent People have died because of starvation. It pains me to even think about such numbers. When will the USA wake up and realize that we must stop being the World’s Bully or the World’s Policeman ? With every country we invade or occupy we create 100,00′s of Terrorists. we need to get out of Afghanistan and also Saudi Arabia, bring those troops home ASAP. Stop spending Half our yearly Budget on Military type spending. yes Half of the USA’s Budget goes to either Military spending or Intelligence gathering. Te USA’s priority is WAR and Not it’s people.

  • Guest

    Am I correct in the assumption this book isn’t being published in physical book? Otherwise I would pick this one up. Seems like a fascinating read.

  • Felix Abt

    I’m very sorry to disappoint paperback book readers. The numerous traditional publishers I contacted rejected my book as they expected another and even more horrific North Korea tale about starvation, gulags, slaves etc. than they have published. My recommendation: Switch to e-books now, paper book publishing is on the decline.

    On this occasion, I would like to acknowledge and extend my heartfelt gratitude to all readers of the e-book. Thanks to you “A Capitalist in North Korea” currently ranks No. 2 among North Korea books on Amazon/Kindle: