Kim Jong Un’s Wife Re-Appears, Possibly Pregnant

Meanwhile, regime's Leadership Chess keeps moving players in and out of check.
October 31st, 2012

After much speculation surrounding her disappearance, Kim Jong Un’s wife Ri Sol Ju appears to be back in the public eye.

Kim Jong Un, who himself had not been seen in public since October 14th, came back in a big way on Monday. He appeared on four separate occasions for cameras at a football match,

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  • Stacy L

    If she is pregnant it will be interesting to see how the world finds out. I have only recently began studying the DPRK, and it is fascinating to me how information is doled out in such a controlled manner. In any event, if she is with child, I wish her a safe and healthy pregnancy :)

    • Vincendt

      If she is pregnant and she gives birth to a child, we will know that by the appearance of a glorious sunrise, a rainbow without the rain and birds bowing their heads in honor of the child while singing patriotic songs.

  • Sergey