Ambassador Insights Suggests Seoul Slang Keeps Pyongyang Youth Chatting

September 14th, 2012

Book Review: Only Beautiful, Please – By John Everard

There are few books written about what it’s like to live in North Korea, especially when considering that thousands of foreigners have experienced life in-country over the past several decades. Previous titles such as Michael Harrold’s “Comrades and Strangers” have given a fascinating insight into what

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  • Brett Cole

    Excellent interview the day before & review of the book. Points made by the author & reviewer well made to one who claims to be a reporter on Korean affairs. Brett Cole.

  • Ingmar

    Should be pointed out, that Hans Maretzki, the last ambassador of communist East Germany (GDR) took a similar approach in 1989/90 entitled “Kim-ismus in Nordkorea”. Unfortunatelly it was – as far as I know – never translated into english, although being amongst the best books about the country. But for german-speakers it’s a must-have.