Top 25 Twitter & Weibo Users on North Korea

February 23rd, 2012

While Twitter and Weibo (the Chinese version) have been responsible for a number of rumors in recent weeks that received significant traction in mainstream media, there are a large number of users out there providing valuable analysis, breaking news, and unique perspectives.  So even if you are a well seasoned microblogger or completely new to

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About the Author

Nicolle Loughlin

Nicolle Loughlin first became interested in North Korea whilst studying Chinese history at college which brought her attention to the Korean War. She subsequently spent her time reading and learning about anything she could find related to North Korea. Nicolle Loughlin lives in the UK and is undertaking her final year of university studying English Literature and Mandarin Chinese. Nicolle has particular interests in North Korea's foreign relations and literature about North Korea. Next year, Nicolle intends to begin a masters degree in Asia studies or international relations in order to further and appropriate her knowledge and interests.

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