Top 25 Twitter & Weibo Users on North Korea

February 23rd, 2012

While Twitter and Weibo (the Chinese version) have been responsible for a number of rumors in recent weeks that received significant traction in mainstream media, there are a large number of users out there providing valuable analysis, breaking news, and unique perspectives.  So even if you are a well seasoned microblogger or completely new to the phenomena of Twitter and Weibo then make sure you check out our two lists today –  so you can follow some of our suggested users and keep up to date with the latest on North Korea – as it happens.

Remember to follow @nknewsorg – the fastest growing North Korea Twitter account online.

Top 25 Twitter Users on North Korea

  1. @newsjean – An inside (Korean) perspective on NK with the writer based between Seoul and Pyongyang. While AP (her agency) only have limited access in country, her Tweets can be extremely insightful.
  2. @LiberateLaura – Great source and interesting perspective on NK-related issues.
  3. @koreaeconinst – An organisation dedicated to informing the public about affairs both side of the Korean peninsula. They host regular events which include live-tweeting that often breaks new analysis.
  4. @northkoreatech – Intriguing information about everything IT-related in NK
  5. @nkwitness – Submissions by different writers pertaining to the dynamics of security  on the Korean peninsula, along with political changes associated with the succession  of Kim Jong-un.
  6. @BarbaraDemick – A strong focus on Chinese and North Korean affairs. Author of  “Nothing to Envy: Ordinary Lives in North Korea” based in Beijing.
  7. @koryotours – North Korea travel specialists. An interesting look at what is going on in NK from a commercial perspective.
  8. @uriminzok_en – Official news and event updates from Pyongyang (pro-DPRK) in English.
  9. @northkorea_now – Humanitarian perspective, raising awareness for human rights in  NK. Related news and global event listings.
  10. @chosonexchange – An organization focusing on bringing international business practice into North Korea- staff regularly write interesting blog posts and highlight useful information.
  11. @LiberateNK – Focus on the people of North Korea, those suffering within and those who have escaped.
  12. @PSCORE911 – News updates and information pertaining to everything NK-related (A non-profit and non-religious NGO).
  13. @freenorthkorea – News, views and information on NK-related issues.
  14. @YPioneerTours – Another tour operator that regularly goes to North Korea – interesting Tweets regarding new destinations and day-to-day life in the DPRK.
  15. @VOA_Seoul – Voice of America news updates concerning the Korean Peninsula.
  16. @dailynken – Keep up with the latest material published by Daily NK.
  17. @NHamisevicz – Director of Research and Academic Affairs at Korea Economic Institute – regularly Tweets on news and affairs related to North Korea
  18. @NKIDP – A great source for documents and publications pertaining to NK.
  19. @OpeningUp DPRK – Interesting perspective on NK-related issues, open discussion between different NK tweeters (including ones on this list).
  20. @bostonsunny – News updates from South Korean journalist (Korea Times) focused on Chinese and North Korean affairs.
  21. @ska_kongshan – Focus on Chinese policies, (includes other conflict countries, but interesting tweets concerning North Korea)
  22. @mariechosun – PHD student focusing on SK based NGOs working on NK issues. Tweets on many countries, but often on DPRK.
  23. @yonhapnews – South Korean news wire that regularly breaks news on NK.
  24. @FREE_NKOREA – Updates and stories taken from various sources on NK.
  25. @yonhapnews – News from the Yonhap agency in ROK. A common source for breaking stories.

15 Weibo Users on North Korea

  1. 章文的文章 (Zhang Wen)
  2. Helen-包政 (Helen Bao Zheng)
  3. 许天夜 (Xu Tian Ye)
  4.  朝鲜日报中文网 (Chosun Ilbo Chinese Network)
  5.  朝鲜中央电视台 (Korean Central TV)
  6. 会世龙朝鲜 (Huì shì lóng cháoxiǎn)
  7. 人民网国际频道 (People’s network international)
  8. 看国家首脑 (Look at state leaders)
  9. 朝鲜大校朴得猛 (Chao Xian Da Xiao Pu de Meng)
  10. 这才是朝鲜 (This is Korea)
  11.  朝鲜淫民军 (Chao Xian Yin Min Jun)
  12.  朝鲜夜总会 (Korean Club)
  13.  红红红红 (Red Red)
  14.  新浪军事 (Sina Military)
  15.  倪乐雄 (Ni Le Xiong)

Don’t forget to follow @nknewsorg on Twitter – the fastest growing North Korea Twitter account out there!

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