Sunny Lee on the Chinese View of North Korea

January 26th, 2012

China’s political attitudes toward the Korean peninsula and its role in managing North Korea have been a constant source intrigue for many Asia watchers in the U.S. Trying to understand Chinese elite sentiments about the Six Party Talks, the security situation on the peninsula and reunification have only increased with Kim Jong-un’s uncertain succession and China’s own leadership transition in 2012.

KEI hosted Mr. Sunny Lee, Senior Beijing Correspondent for the Korea Times, for the first Academic Paper Series seminar of 2012 to discuss his recent in-depth survey of over 40 leading Chinese scholars and foreign policy experts about their views of the current situation on the Korean peninsula and the future of Korea’s reunification. Mr. Lee’s fluency in Chinese, years of experience in Beijing and status as a Ph.D. candidate at the elite Tsinghua University have helped him develop a vast network of contacts within China’s foreign policy and think tank communities and gain access to some of the most exclusive thinkers and strategists on these issues. Come join us for this fascinating presentation as Mr. Lee shares his survey findings.

Click here to download Sunny Lee’s paper.

Watch the video of Sunny’s presentation here:

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